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Your bespoke protein powder blend based on your body type, lifestyle and fitness goals.

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How It Works

Test Your Personalised Blend

With your first shipment you'll get 200g of
personalised protein for free. Just cover the
postage and packing.

Keep The Gains Coming

Your £25 monthly or bi-monthly subscription.
Can bring your protein cost to less than 81p per day.

You're In Control

You can easily cancel or modify your
personalised protein subscription to suit
your needs. Monthly, Every 2 months, pause.

We Are Unique Because You’re Unique

Plant based? Gain muscle? Lose weight? Reach your goals and get a fully transparent informative product. Your Monthly Personalised Protein includes a 1-on-1 access with your very own Registered Nutritionist. Your Body, Your Blend!    

Unlimited 1-1 access to your Registered Nutritionist

The Personalised Protein Co gives you access to your very own registered nutritionist to answer questions on anything, from ingredients in your blend, to what your body goals should be, or simply on how to create the perfect shake! Knowledge is power! Get expert advice at no extra cost.

Pure Ingredients

We use simple ingredients in the ratios that are right for you. Your blend breakdown gives you full transparency. From Acai Berry, Green tea, Organic Pea to Cocoa extracts. No more long complicated ingredient lists in a one size fits all protein market!